“Aging is not for the weak of heart”;
“Aging sucks”

Two different outlooks from two different clients spoken from the heart but really to the same notion. Aging is complicated. It’s a mixed bag. And it does take a certain fortitude, this we know. If you could have met the polite, mild-mannered, slight-statured woman, who, in my conference room, belted out, “Aging Sucks,” you would giggle just as I did.

All of us deal with aging. In fact, with every moment that passes, we are aging. But are we asking the right questions: “What will my life be like as I age? Am I prepared?” Unfortunately, I am finding when I talk with people, whether in larger settings or one-on-one, they are truly misinformed about how to navigate the aging process successfully. With similar frequency, I’m finding that people are waiting until crisis strikes before reaching out for pivotal information and an action plan, only to realize they’re left with less than optimal options. It just doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s about time we looked at aging in a new way. We opened the Center in September 2014 as a Practice with Purpose- to show our commitment to a different way to age. The first of its kind in North Carolina, the Elder Law & Life Care Planning Center is the first and only practicing member in our state of the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association. We take this innovation in traditional Elder Law to new levels, with a focus on life care planning throughout the entire aging process – providing you with a sound legal, financial and personal strategy to aging for everyone at every age after 40, wherever you are in life.

Making real differences to real lives is at the heart of what we do and why we do it. Elder Law & Life Care Planning is ALL we do. It is our total focus and concentration. When you hire us, you get the personalized and individualized attention of our entire team of accomplished geriatric professionals. In this way, we get to help families take care of each other comprehensively across all 3 domains of life: legal, financial and personal. Our Center is dedicated to successful aging along the care continuum, ranging from the critical legal documents everyone should have to be legally protected all the way to helping families find, get and pay for good long term care. Our team at the Center is dedicated to optimizing quality of life through the aging process.

At the Center, we want you to know three things, for sure:

  1. Your golden years should be golden.
  2. You don’t have to go it alone so reach out to us. We’re here to help
  3. You can plan for your long term care future, from your perspective and according to your preferences, so that you can face your future with confidence and comfort.